Mark & Potta

Art Machine

25.9 - 25.10. 2015




25 September – 25 October 2015

MUU Cable



The artist duo Mark & Potta is the Art Machine, a studio installation and an exhibition where new things are created daily, in addition to the artworks on show. Transformed into a studio, the gallery presents the duo’s diverse output and also gives the audience a chance to participate.


The concept of the MUU Cable gallery seeks to find alternatives to the artist’s workaday practices and places, and to give the audience an opportunity to encounter works of art while they are still unfinished and in process.


Inspirations behind the visions of Mark & Potta may include rough walls in Berlin and smooth rock outcrops on the shore, or something completely different – the duo’s art lives and evolves in the gallery, with freely growing offshoots.


The artist will work in the gallery every day except on Monday. Detailed times and exceptions to schedule can be found online at where you can also watch a live feed from the gallery.


The titlepiece of the show, Art Machine, is a participatory piece in which visitors can make jewellery using components from disassembled artworks and other materials. Art Machine is operational whenever the artist is present (daily from 12 noon – 4 pm, except on Mondays) and as long as the material resources last.


Art Machine is the third joint exhibition by Mark & Potta. The artist duo is visual artist Tuija Markonsalo.


The exhibition is accompanied by an experimental picture book, Piperi Potta.



MORE INFORMATION: MUU Gallery /, +358-9-625 972,


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